Making Creative Assessments

My early impression about this subject was that assessment is only about making traditional exams. So I prepared myself to read boring technical jargon and do hair-raising statistical analysis.  However, after studying this subject, I found out that assessment is not all that.  One of the realizations that I had about this subject is that making assessments can be creative.

Creative assessments can be done as a good support for the lesson.  It makes learning fun and non-threatening for learners.  It also stirs up their critical, analytical, and creative thinking—things that cannot be measured when done through traditional testing alone.

I have compiled a list of websites that I can use as future reference to making creative assessments.

Brown Bag Exams

This is effective in teaching students vocabulary prior to the lesson.  It is also an opportunity for the teacher to check for learning gaps before the lesson proper.  Here is the link.

Creative Learning Assessment

This presentation shows that creativity can be measured (along with cooperation and strategic thinking) and is encouraged in this particular assessment guideline.

10 Ways to Assess Learning Without Tests

In this website, 10 ideas on how to make creative alternative assessments are listed.

Creative Assessment

This presentation is about using technology for better non-threatening and creative assessment.

Creativity 2.0

This website lists ideas on how you can use ICT resources to make creative assessments.



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